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Deutsch _1ive© - German lessons online

TANDEM Köln offers German online courses for the levels A2, B1, B2 and C1. Deutsch _1ive is not a classic online learning. This innovative format can do more! Here you learn German interActively most of the time together with our experienced teachers and other course participants from all over the world!

Active communication and life-like settings based on our Talk-it-easy!-method are our top priority in these courses. Supplemented by a range of tools and apps, you will also experience lively and varied German lessons inside the virtual classroom, where all language skills will be trained.

As part of your German course, we also offer you an online consultation once a week for learning advice.

For technical questions and the exchange of experiences with other students regarding online learning, please visit our TANDEM Köln Forum. Here you will also find useful links for learning German.

And so that you can network with other course participants from Cologne and all over the world, we organise an online cultural programme once a week.

And last but not least for finding a TANDEM partner, you can use our TANDEM Köln Facebook group.
This way you can stay in touch with us and the other students outside of class and improve your German. 


We offer the Deutsch _1ive format for the following course types:

  • Semi-Intensive German Course with 12 lessons per week
  • German OnlineHybrid-Intensive Course with 20 lessons per week
  • German evening course with 6 lessons of 45 minutes per week 
  • Exam preparation course telc B2 and C1, TestDaF
  • Workout Grammar training B1 and B2/C1
  • Private lessons  


Deutsch-1ive Semi-Intensive Course

  • 12 lessons of 45 minutes per week
  • Lesson times: Monday to Thursday by arrangement (e.g. 2.30 - 5 p.m. Central European Time CET)
  • small groups with 4-maximum 8 participants (with 3 participants the lessons take place as a mini group with 8 lessons per week).
  • levels from A2 - C1 (12 weeks per level)
    (our courses can also be booked by the week)
Online-Intensive Courses 2021
January 11 - February 18
February 22 - April 1
April 12 - May 20
May 25 - July 2
Per week105,- €
6 weeks540,- €
12 weeks315,- €







German OnlineHybrid Intensive Course

  • 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week
  • Lesson times: Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. until 1 p.m. = 4 lessons
  • small groups with 4-maximum 10 participants (online and face-to-face participants together).
  • You take part in a course online, which takes place in our classroom with a small group.
German OnlineHybrid-Intensive Courses 2021
11.01. - 12.02.
15.02. - 19.03.
22.03. - 23.04.
26.04. - 29.05.
31.05. - 02.07.
4 weeks420,- €








Deutsch _1ive - Online Evening Course 

  • 6 lessons of 45 minutes per week
  • Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday from 6 pm to 8.30 pm 
  • small groups of 4- maximum 9 participants
  • all levels from A1 - C1 (24 weeks for one level)
Online-Evening Course 2021
from January 18/19
from April 19/20
4 weeks180,- €
12 weeks450,- €
24 weeks840,- €




Textbooks: For our German online courses we use the textbook Wolkenkrater (TANDEM Frankfurt, free of charge) in levels A1 to A.2, in levels B1 to C1 we work with "Aspekte neu digital LMS" (Klett, 20,99 € for textbook and workbook).


Exam preparation courses online

  • telc B2 and C1: 48 lessons of 45 minutes 
  • TestDaF: 48+6 lessons of 45 minutes
  • small groups of 4- maximum 8 participants
Exam preparation courses 2021
from January 5
telc420,- €
TestDaF420,- €






TANDEM-Workout A2/B1 and from B2

  • 16 lessons of 45 minutes
  • Teaching hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 13:30 (MEZ)
  • Small groups with 4 - 8 participants (with 3 participants the lessons take place as a mini-group with 8 lessons)
  • Niveau from A2 to C1
  • Price: 89 Euros


Deutsch _1ive Online-Private Lessons 

  • 60 Minutes alone or in pairs
  • Time by arrangement

1 person

2 persons

44,00 € / lesson 

49,00 € / lesson 


Please do your registration for our online courses HERE!


Technical requirements: Computer, laptop or tablet with microphone and camera; Internet access; headset if necessary. 

Our German courses are suitable as preparation for the telc B1, B2, C1 language certificates and the TestDaF examination. For exam preparation we also recommend our telc and TestDaF preparation courses.

A trial lesson and entry into already running courses are possible at any time after a placement test. You can find an online test on our website. You are welcome to make a Skype appointment with us for an oral placement test.