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Enlaces de TANDEM® Colonia

  About Cologne

Cologne In
Events in Cologne

Cologne Information
Here you will find almost everything about Cologne: important institutions, cultural and tourist infromation.

Stadtrevue - The Köln Magazine
Köln News and cultural events: find out more about the latest attractions!

Kölner Stadtanzeiger
Read Colognes daily newspaper!

German City Maps
Here you can surf the city map of Cologne: just type your address to see where you will live!

View on the Cathedral (WebCam)

View over the city ...
... from the Dorint Hotel at Heumarkt Cologne (WebCam)

 Travelling to Cologne

Die Bahn
German Railway System - Information, Prices, Booking
Compare flight prices on-line
Cheap flights to Cologne ...
Compare flight prices on-line

Flight Schedule Airport Köln/Bonn
Arrivals, Departures, Flights ...

Cheap flights to Cologne ...
Compare flight prices on-line


The best way to get to know some Cologners is to live in a shared flat, also called "WG" in German. Sharing a flat has many advantages; you can cook and eat together, or party, and it's a good way to live cheaply for a short time or for an extended stay. Some shared flats are smaller with 2 roommates, whereas some have up to 10 roommates.

You can find shared flats as well as private rooms on the following websites:
Extensive portal for finding flats or shared flats, rideshare opportunities (by car and bus), as well as student exchanges.
Portal for students and commission-free shared flats. is specialized in listing commission-free shared flats.
WG-Welt is a professional website for finding shared flats.
The Wohngemeischaft lists shared flats and more!
Extensive search portal for shared flats and rideshare opportunities.


Most Cologne hotels are listed here:

Hotels near the school:  (Hotel HOPPER St. Joseph)  (Hotel Ibis Styles Köln)  (Hotel Ibis Köln)

Hostels  (our neighbors!)

Home Company 24

 Deutsch lernen

Deutsch Lernen Online
Learn German Online at:

Deutsche Welle
Mit den Sprachkursen der Deutschen Welle lernen Sie Deutsch, wie es Ihnen passt.


Cologne Carneval
Almost everything about Cologne's famous Carneval party (February)

Germany's biggest CSD-Party in July

The annual Reggae-Festival at Lake Fühling (July)

More than just a Music Festival (August)

Three days of dancing to electronic musik (July)

The annual and free Open-Air-Festival in Bonn ( July)

Find out everything about Colognes lively theatre scene

 TANDEM International


A big international online platform for searching for au pairs and host families

Heiss auf Sprachen

Sprachkurse Weltweit
Sprachkurse für Erwachsene und Schüler weltweit: einfach suchen - intelligent buchen