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TANDEM Cologne - Rapports d'expériences

Albine Rey

Duration: 16 weeks
Cologne is a beautiful and welcoming town. From the cathedral to the promenade along the Rhine, there are many things to see and visit. Besides, Cologne is a university town with many local and international students, so it offers many cool activities and parties. For revellers, there are plenty of bars and great nightclubs as well!

As regards Tandem, it is a well-located, peaceful school, where it is pleasant to study. The teachers are attentive, motivated and competent! It was great living in this town and studying in this school!

Rubén Franco Díaz

Duration: 4 weeks
My language study stay in Cologne was one of the best experiences of my life! The Tandem school's staff were very nice and always answered all of my questions. They were very helpful, professional and competent. Thanks to Tandem, I improved my German skills quickly. My stay lasted only a month but it was a fantastic experience. I recommend doing it even though I know it is not an easy decision to make: I hesitated too, but you must do it without giving it too much thought. Cologne is a spectacular, very welcoming city which is pleasant to live in. There is a lot to do, the locals are lovable (contrary to the belief that German people are not friendly) and they are always ready to help you if needed.

Anthony Schmitt

Duration: 4 weeks
Welcome to Cologne and to the Tandem school. The school provides high quality tuition and most of its teachers are absolutely great. Here is another good point: at Tandem, there is a " family " atmosphere. Besides, the school is ideally located, a short tram journey to the Rüdolfplatz (Cologne's bustling centre). A regards accommodation, I was staying with a great host family who was always there for me and attentive to the needs of their guests, whom I could talk to as much as I wanted. I'm really satisfied with my 4-week trip to Cologne, all the more so as the geographical location of the town allows for easy travel to Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and many more cities!

Anaïs Bobst

Duration: 3 weeks
I spent three great weeks in Germany in the city of Cologne. I was staying with an adorable lady just 15 minutes' walk to the school and the apartment and my room were charming. The area was nice. As regards the school, the staff at the reception as well as the teachers were nice and accommodating. I also found the classes useful and adapted to my expectations.

The school offers varied, interesting activities every week and it is a great opportunity to get to know the city and its history better. Due to the weather and lack of time, I didn't have time to visit everything I wanted to but there are many places and things to discover. I particularly enjoyed the walk by the Rhine in the heart of Cologne's old town. In short, I am very satisfied with my stay in Cologne and I intend to go back there soon in order to further explore the city.


Duration: 4 weeks
I spent a month in Cologne. It is a beautiful town with many things to explore. The cathedral is known for its gothic style and the Rhine flows through the city, giving Cologne a special charm.

The school is located in a nice area, from where everything is within easy reach. The teachers are very nice and people at the reception are very attentive to your needs. Cologne students do a lot of sport and it is easy to integrate into their groups. For night outings, Cologne is packed with little bars where there is a great atmosphere. Otherwise, young people also go to parks to chill out in the evening!

María Burston Alonso

Duration: 2 weeks
My name is María and I was there for two weeks. My course at Tamdem as well as my stay with my host family were great. At the school, the classes are fun. I studied in an official language centre before where I learnt everything about grammar, but rather quickly. Here, on the other hand, you focus on one aspect of the language and you study it thoroughly. Sometimes, we even played games to apply grammar points.

Besides, in the afternoon, extracurricular activities are organised, some of which are free, including BBQ parties, excursions and visits. Extra classes are also available, like the ones on Wednesday afternoons, which focus on a specific topic. I enrolled for one of these in order to further develop my language skills. It's great, as you can choose to visit different places on your own initiative.
As regards accommodation, I was staying with a young lady and I had the use of a large bedroom, the kitchen and the dining room. She was so nice to me that she even let me use other rooms as well. I felt at home there.

Natalia Barblan

Duration: 6 weeks
My name is Natalia, I'm 19 and I come from Switzerland. I took a 6-week language course at the Tandem school in Cologne, Germany. It was a fabulous experience and I had a great time there.
The Cologne Tandem school is very good. The teachers are very dedicated and the lessons are well organised. In the school office, people are also very helpful and what's cool is that they can explain everything to you in your mother tongue if you don't understand. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to have a tandem partner to practise the language as many students spoke French, but I am sure that all those who did it were very satisfied and learnt a lot.

Each week, the school organises a cultural programme in which you can take part if you want to. We were offered museum visits, bar outings, concerts... and all kinds of activities that allow you to discover Cologne while getting to know the other participants. With Tandem, you are sure to learn everything about German culture and to see all of the city's attractions. Besides, everyone is very open-minded and friendly.

I was staying with a great host family, which Tandem Cologne had selected for me. They lived in a beautiful house in a peaceful neighbourhood of Nippes. I talked a lot with them and my German greatly improved. When I needed help, I could just ask them and they would help me.

Going on a language study trip to Cologne means meeting people from all over the world. On-site, I heard people speak Spanish and Korean, played billiard with my friends, visited a Japanese restaurant, celebrated the carnival, took pictures on the Rhine and I will never forget all that!