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TANDEM® Language Exchange

A tandem is a bicycle designed for two. Imagine two riders, both going forward together. Two people, sharing the same idea and the same goal. TANDEM is language learning designed for two, a method of learning languages through exchange. The idea is simple but fascinating: "I will help you learn my language and you can help me learn yours." It´s a fast, efficient, and pleasant way to pick up, improve and enjoy the foreign language and, last but not least, the foreign culture.

In order to take part, you need three things only:

  • a basic knowledge of German
  • a willingness to help your partner practise in your language
  • to pass by personally and fill in our questionnaire (in case you register from abroad, please let us know well in advance).

Anschließend können wir mit der Suche nach einem geeigneten Sprachpartner/in beginnen. Verläuft die Suche erfolgreich, dann laden wir Sie zu einem ersten Treffen mit Ihrem / Ihrer Tandem-Partner/in in unser Büro ein.

We will then start looking for your tandem partner. As soon as we have found someone suitable, we will call you to arrange the first meeting with your tandem partner in our office.

This service is for free for our language course participants, otherwise we charge once only a fee of 15 EUR for the arrangement of a Tandem partnership.

Talk it easy!