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Our 1ive online courses for all languages

TANDEM Köln offers online courses for all languages and levels. 1ive is not a classic online learning. This innovative format can do more! Here you learn interActively most of the time together with our experienced teachers and other course participants from all over the world!

Active communication and life-like settings based on our Talk-it-easy!-method are our top priority in these courses. Supplemented by a range of tools and apps, you will also experience lively and varied lessons inside the virtual classroom, where all language skills will be trained.

We offer the following course types online:

And so that you can network with other course participants from Cologne and all over the world, we organise an online cultural programme once a week.

And last but not least for finding a TANDEM partner, you can use our TANDEM Köln Facebook group.
This way you can stay in touch with us and the other students outside of class and improve your languages.